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Ergonomic Self Assessment

for an Optimal Home Working Environment

How This Works:

This is an ergonomic self-assessment for employees working from home. There are 9 sections and 48 questions. The questions are based on guidance documents from the HSA. The assessment should take 5-6 minutes to complete. Please answer all questions. If a question does not apply to you, choose ‘N/A’. When you press ‘submit’, a copy of your answers will be sent to the email you provided for yourself and also to the ‘Send To’ email you specified; e.g. your manager, HR department or a third party. If you wish, you may add a photo of your workspace to the assessment.

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    1. Your Workstation

    Is there a dedicated workspace that can be set up in the home that is safe, suitable, and free from distractions?

    Does the workstation have adequate space for equipment?

    Does the workstation allow you to find a comfortable position?

    Is there enough knee clearance underneath the workstation?

    Is there enough space to allow you to change position and vary movements?

    Is the area clutter free so that you can focus easily on the task?

    Do you need any of the following items? A document holder, laptop riser, monitor riser or sit stand desk riser?

    2. Your Chair

    Is the chair provided stable, adjustable in height, allowing freedom of movement, and providing lower back support?

    Is the chair set up so that the forearms are level with the desk?

    Does the chair have a backrest that is adjustable in height?

    Is the chair provided adjustable to allow feet to rest flat on the floor?

    Is a footrest or back support required?

    Is a protective mat required to prevent damage to the floor?

    3. Your Screen

    Is the screen positioned to avoid glare and reflection (for example sit at 90 degrees to a window to avoid glare)?

    Can the screen swivel and tilt easily?

    Is the screen positioned so that the top of the screen is at eye level or slightly below and avoids sustained bending of the neck?

    Is an adjustable monitor arm required?

    Is the screen free of reflective glare?

    Is the screen set up at a comfortable distance (for example arms-length away)?

    Is the image on the screen stable with no flickering?

    Are the characters on the display screen well defined, clearly formed, of adequate size and with adequate spacing?

    4. Communications

    Is a headset/speaker or microphone provided for communication?

    Is a webcam required?

    Is a phone required?

    Is a broadband extender / booster required?

    Are arrangements in place for you to report issues for example accidents, health related issues, workload, faulty equipment, working hours?

    5. Your Keyboard & Mouse

    Is the laptop/PC connected to an external keyboard and mouse?

    Can a neutral wrist posture be maintained when typing (for example no bending of the wrist)?

    Can the slope / angle of the keyboard be adjusted to allow you to find a comfortable position?

    Are the mouse and keyboard within easy reach with space provided in front of the keyboard?

    Are wrist rests required?

    6. Lighting

    Is there suitable (natural and artificial) lighting available to take account of the type of work being carried out and your vision?

    Is task lighting available if required?

    7. Heating & Ventilation

    Is the room warm enough with adequate ventilation?

    8. Health & Safety

    Is the household electrical supply and equipment for example sockets, lighting, RCD, heaters that are not provided by the employer checked by you on a regular basis?

    Is the area around the workstation kept clear of trailing cables and trip hazards?

    Is there an adequate number of sockets available?

    Is a strip socket surge protector required?

    Is portable electrical equipment provided by the employer checked by you regularly?

    Is unsafe equipment taken out of use (and checked for frayed wires, signs of burns or melting)?

    Is firefighting and detection equipment available and is it checked regularly?

    Is there an emergency plan in place in case of fire?

    9. Other

    Is a laptop required?

    Is a printer required?

    Is a shredder required to safely dispose of confidential company documents?

    Is a USB hub required?

    Is an external hard drive required?

    Is a storage cabinet required?

    If you would like to add an (optional) photo of your workspace to your assessment, upload your image below. (Max 1MB, PNG or JPG only)

    Would you like a member of the Stacked - Be Well At Home Sales Team to contact you about your requirements?

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    We retain a copy of your assessment for a period of three months in order to be able to provide you with advice, goods and services relevant to your needs. If you have chosen not to be contacted by our sales team, only anonymised data is retained for reporting purposes.